Find the message in the online portal

  Select your reason and request a refund


That's it. With 3 clicks, you're refunded and the caller is blocked.

Why do we do it this way?

We do it this way because it's sometimes very hard to tell what's an unsolicited sales call and what's not.

Cold callers are increasingly sneaky, sometimes asking for you by name from a bought database, saying they're a friend etc.

In addition, we don't want to turn away a genuine enquiry. As an example, one of our clients had a call from an energy supplier. On the face of it, it did indeed look like a sales call. The client phoned them back to tell them to stop calling, but it turned out the caller was looking to buy £1000's worth of promotional products from our client.

It's unfortunately never black and white, so we put you in control of your own sales calls.

Refund Limit

You are allowed to refund up to 5% of your calls from the previous 30 day period. If you do have a persistent caller who you can't block then U2U the account manager and we will add a special note to the screen for you asking them to stop calling.

You also receive bonus credits for £50 deposits or more to help cover the cost of nuisance calls