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The UK’s highest rated answering service

"Great service, calls [are] answered quickly and efficiently with messages relayed to me promptly. Offers a professional service which makes my service look professional. Would highly recommend."
Asset Mortgage Solutions
"This is a clean, well-organised service that saves us so much time. Answer.co.uk takes all the calls from people wanting to supply our electricity or sell us advertising. When a genuine call arrives, two SMS are sent out to the right people, meaning we can respond in minutes if necessary. And calls to our numbers are always answered by a real person, which really helps with customer image. At just over £1 per call, we think this is excellent value for money."
Respiratory Therapy Associates
"Answer.co.uk is my 3rd answering service in 12 years and by far and away the best. The service is very easy to set up and once done very easy to manage. Unlike my previous suppliers, they never miss a call and always take down the information correctly. If you need an answering service, I would highly recommend trying Answer.co.uk first."
Seymour Green
"Answer.co.uk are very professional and provide a fantastic service. They help keep our service levels to a high standard by being very polite on the phone, [they] take the caller’s details and message me with their details to enable me to return the call as soon as possible. An email is also sent, which means I have many means to ensure I receive the contact details of the caller."
"Does exactly what it says on the tin. I've mystery shopped my own number a few times. They answer promptly and politely, and the message comes through almost instantly."
4 Financial Planning