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Note for Existing Customers:
For common questions and answers such as "I've forgotten my password" please see the user FAQ. is a simple, reliable and effective Pay as you Go Message Taking service, which is backed by the expertise of JAM, one of the UK's longest established Answering Services.
We will provide you with a high quality service without the extras your business does not need. To see how happy our customers are with us, why not see our video testimonials on our homepage, or our TrustPilot feedback or perhaps the awards we've won including an FSB award for Best E-Business for our service!
Each call costs £1 plus VAT. However, with larger deposits, this can fall to just 75p per call. Click here for more information
Messages are sent instantly via Email and SMS as well as online. Email delivery is free and SMS delivery costs just 10p. This is optional so you can amend the Message Delivery settings once you are logged in.
To see how fast we handle calls, as well our answer rate, please look at our live stats page. is a simple message taking service. We will take any or all of the following options for you: caller name, company, telephone number and a brief accurate message. We'll then SMS or Email the message to you, as well as store it in your own online portal.
Our free trial is not about capturing all your company and payment details, but to actually give you a little taster as to how we will handle your calls! We also offer £5 to all new accounts which enables you to try us for a few calls to see how it all works without any obligation to topup once done.
When you login to your account, you have an option to send a U2U to the Account Manager (Click on U2Us, New U2U, Account Manager). All customer service is done online as we need everything in writing and our response time is usually incredibly quick.
Name, Company Name, Telephone Number, Message
This is not available on our PAYG model. However, pureJAM can offer this service.
Yes. You will receive an 0208 or 0207 number at no extra cost. You can either divert to this number from your existing lines or use it as your actual telephone number. Should you require any other type of number please contact us at
No. If you require advanced call handling including patching/transferring and/or taking an email address, please visit us at PureJam
Yes. is a genuine 24/7 operation. We will answer your calls 365 days a year.
Diverting your calls to is a simple task. All you need to decide is whether you want to divert all calls, calls if your line is engaged, calls after a certain number of rings, or a combination of the latter two options. Divert codes will be available from your telephone supplier. If you are with BT, click here for current divert information.
Our system is designed to be incredibly simple to use so you shouldn't have any issues, but if you do we actively encourage our clients to u2u their Account Manager. It may be a query or you just want to provide us with some valuable feedback!
When a call comes in on your dedicated number, a screen pops up in front of the operator who is then guided by your preset requirements. Any changes that you make can be done online and is updated straight away.
No. The service is completely setup online by yourself so there is no setup fee charged.
Just fill out our simple online sign up form any time, day or night. Once you have your login and password you can set up the service within about 5-10 minutes. Once you have setup the account and selected a number, your business then has our award-winning operators at your disposal.
We do not charge for any wrong numbers or hoax calls on this service. If you ever receive a wrong number in error, please send us a U2U and we will add a note to the caller ID for you straight away.
Great! Thank you very much for thinking of us. To receive an affiliate credit for this, please ensure you send across your unique links found on the Admin Checklist in the portal. Once they sign up with the link, you will both receive £5 in your account and you will receive 5% of all their top-ups for the time they are a client. See our referral scheme for more information.
Yes but you are able to refund these via the portal (up to 5% of past 30 days call traffic). In addition you receive bonus credits for deposits of £50 or more to help cover the cost of nuisance calls.
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